Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I switch screens?

A: We do not allow anyone to switch screens.


Q: Do you allow walk-ins?

A: We do not allow any walk-ins.


Q: When do you open/close for the season?

A: We do not have an official date. It depends upon how cold it is. We post the dates on our Facebook page and Website.


Q: Which screen is screen 1?

A: When you arrive at the box office screen 1 is on the left. The radio station is 89.9FM.


Q: Which screen is screen 2?

A: When you arrive at the box office screen 2 is straight ahead. The radio station is 91.9FM.


Q: Can I listen to the movie sound though an app?

A: No, you can only listen to it through FM radio.


Q: Can I arrive just to watch the second movie?

A: You can. The box office closes approx. 15 minutes after the second movie starts.


Q: What time should I arrive to get a good spot?

A: The earlier you arrive the better spot you will have.


Q: How does parking work?

A: There are two cars spaces in between two poles. Try to park as close to a pole as possible.


Q: Do you have a concession stand?

A: Yes we do. It is right in the middle.


Q: Do you allow RV’s?

A: We do not allow RV’s/Mobile Homes.


Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: You can. They must be leashed at all times and you must clean up after them. You are responsible for an injuries caused by your pet(s) to other(s). Pets are not allowed to be tied to a speaker pole.


Q: Can I bring a grill?

A: We do not allow grills, fireworks, or sparklers.



Walk-ins are not allowed.

Yellow tickets park next to yellow poles. Green tickets park next to gray poles.

Pets shall be leashed at all times. Owner/caretaker shall be responsible for cleaning up after pets and shall be solely responsible for any injuries caused by said pets to others. Pets are not allowed to be tied to speaker posts.

$5.00 per person over 6 passengers.

Each vehicle is entitled to one space. Two vehicles fit between each set of poles. We reserve the right to reposition you if you don’t park correctly.

If you are enjoying the show out of your vehicle, please sit between the vehicle and the screen. Do not occupy room in another space.

No switching screens.

No grills, fireworks or sparklers allowed.

No watching movies on tops of vehicles.

No videotaping screen.

All oversized vehicles must park in the rear.

Lift gates & doors cannot be raised higher than the roof-line.

No cash refunds and no readmissions. Cars leaving theater will be charged full price to re-enter.

The playground is closed when the show begins.

Shoes must be worn at all times by all persons.

Retain your tickets. DO NOT discard stubs.

Be considerate of the folks around you. Do NOT raise voices, radios or loud noises enough to disturb other patrons. Obscene language or profanity will not be tolerated.

Laser pointers are forbidden anywhere in this theater!

Please place trash in bag provided.

No outside food delivery is permitted to the premises.

Failure to abide by rules and policies shall result in expulsion and forfeiture of admission price.